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Visit Miyagi: The official inbound tourism website of Miyagi Prefecture

Client: Miyagi Prefecture

Services: Website design, production, management, and maintenance; article writing in English, Thai, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

Year: 2018–2020


Selected by Miyagi Prefecture to take charge of their Oubego o taisho toshita kanko joho hasshin jigyo (Sightseeing Information Transmission Targeting Australia and the West Project), we created Visit Miyagi. It is the official foreign-language tourism website of Miyagi Prefecture, available in five languages: English, Thai, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Powered by locals

Visit Miyagi articles are written by foreign residents of Miyagi, current and former. The sights, shops, and facilities are chosen by the writers themselves, who personally visit each place before writing their articles. In this way, the writing on the site reveals the perspective of foreign residents.

Land of Contrasts

Sea and mountains, cities and nature, tradition and innovation . . . varied components like these intermingle in Miyagi. To illustrate this appeal, we chose “Land of Contrasts” as the Visit Miyagi slogan.

As you can see in the Visit Miyagi brand logo above, a white line meanders blithely through “Miyagi,” from the top left to the right, expressing the feeling of a meandering journey. The path of this white line says “Journeying as you please from place to place—that’s the way to get to know Miyagi.”

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