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UBC Research Visit Coordination & Interpretation

Interpretation for and coordination of research visits conducted by Dr. David W. Edgington of The University of British Columbia

Client: The University of British Columbia

Services: Interpretation (Japanese to English & English to Japanese), research visit coordination

Year: 2011–2018

As part of the Recovery Survey Regarding Sanriku Coast Municipalities Affected by the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, Dr. David W. Edgington, professor of human geography at the University of British Columbia, was making a series of visits to the disaster-struck municipalities of the Sanriku Coast. He requested our assistance with coordination of these research visits, data aggregation, and Japanese-to-English/English-to-Japanese interpretation. In cooperation with the residents and local governments of these coastal municipalities, we helped Dr. Edgington conduct interviews, observations, and surveys.

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