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The Sendai Museum Experience

The Sendai Museum Experience

Client: Sendai Miyagi Museum Alliance

Services: Design, reporting, English writing

Year: 2014, 2018, 2020


We designed a series of pamphlets called The Sendai Museum Experience aimed at introducing local museums to inbound tourists. The Sendai Museum Experience pamphlet series was produced for the Sendai Miyagi Museum Alliance (SMAA), an organization dedicated to connecting and promoting the museums of Sendai and Miyagi. To produce each pamphlet, native English speakers visited participating museums to experience them first-hand, then wrote about the characteristics of these museums under tourist-friendly themes like “Uncover a Deeper Sendai” and “More Than Just Seeing: Museums Offering Workshops and Sensory Experiences.” The first and second editions were done entirely in English; the third and fourth editions were billingual—designed for use by Japanese visitors as well as those from foreign countries.

In addition to the printed pamphlets, we created digital versions of each as well, both complete with access maps.

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