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Sendai Motions

Client: None (our own independent, house-funded project)

Service: English writing, Japanese-to-English translation

Year: 2016–present


Sendai Motions is Communa’s independent, house-managed media site serving English-speaking residents of of Sendai and Miyagi. Sendai Motions reports on local human-interest stories and the hidden charms of Miyagi and surrounding areas: events, experiences, food, culture, sighseeing, and more. In addition to long-form articles, we also publish a monthly Event Roundup that introduces the seasonal highlights and events happening each month, and popular listicles like “10 Secrets of Sendai Station.” Sendai Motions is also active on Facebook and Instagram, which we use not just as a means of disseminating information, but with the aim of building a community. Sendai Motions' writers, all of whom are expatriates living in Miyagi, play a vital role in this community-building by acting as bridge between the local Japanese community and English-speaking residents from abroad.

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