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Tohoku Saijiki Market Development

Tohoku Saijiki overseas market development support

Client: Setoya Inc.

Services: Overseas market development support

Exhibition name: Maison et Objet

Year: 2019–2020


We were in charge of overseas market development support for Saijiki Tohoku, an artisanal brand created by tableware wholesaler Setoya. The enterprise was made possible through the Miyagi Organization for Industry Promotion’s Ichiba Tonyu Shien, a market-development support project aiding small- to medium-sized companies in Miyagi Prefecture. Our support work involved everything from market research to on-site business negotiation support, sampling events, interviewing retailers in Europe, and exhibiting Tohoku Saijiki products at the international trade fair Maison et Objet in Paris.

Collaborating with local artisans to develop original products, Saijiki Tohoku strives to express the harmony of Tohoku’s rich natural resources, storied food culture, and timeless dedication to craftsmanship.

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