• Tegami

    Client: Konno Printing

    Period: 2012–Present


    We have been supporting this greeting card project for the international market, fully utilizing our expertise in translation, marketing and design.


    (background video: Junko Sato, a tegami card designer) video by Communa



    UN Habitat

    Client: UN Habitat

    Period: March 2012 & March 2014


    We have organized and interpreted their research in the tsunami-affected areas in 2012, followed by supporting the organization of the Expert Group Meeting in 2014 in Sendai.

    Overseas Marketing Support for SMEs

    Client: Miyagi Prefecture

    Period: 2014–Present

    We have been commissioned by Miyagi Prefecture to plan and execute a program for SMEs to expand to the international market. The still-ongoing program includes organizing seminars, supporting product development for the international market and translating at international trade shows.

  • Communa Inc.

    translation x marketing x design

    Communa Inc. was founded in Sendai, Japan in November 2011—soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the region of Tohoku on March 11, 2011. It was a form of response to the whole new issues and challenges the region faced, following an unprecedented scale of damage.


    Bringing together our individual expertise in translation, marketing and design, we have been providing tailor-made solutions to a wide range of clients in a variety of contexts—from a local mother’s non-profit initiative in the tsunami-affected area to the prefecture government’s SME support program, as well as supporting academic research in the tsunami-hit areas and conducting marketing for international companies to enter the Japanese market.

  • What We Do

    Localization for Japanese Market

    From research and translation to designing a Japan-optimized package

    We support international applications, services and products to optimize for the Japanese market. We have provided translation, marketing research, user support, promotion and designs for Japanese materials. These can be offered either as one integrated service, or separately.

    Market Research

    Coordination and interpretation based on strong local network

    Since the time we provided guidance and translation for BBC Radio 2 days after the tsunami disaster struck in 2011, we have been supporting academic institutions, press and disaster management organizations from all over the world. We provide translation service as well as organization of the study tour itself, utilizing our strong network across the region.

    Overseas Expansion

    From basic research to translation and design

    Overseas expansion has been, in a variety of forms, something we have been doing constantly since our founding, for it is one genre of work that best embodies our expertise—fusion of translation, marketing and design. We have supported a number of clients from basic research to product development, designing sales tools and translating at a booth in an international trade show.

    Media Production

    Designing media, optimized for each audience

    With our in-house design team, actual production work is another of our strengths, as we go beyond just planning and offering solutions. We have produced a number of flyers, booklets and websites based on thorough function / structure design using our marketing capabilities.

  • Corporate Profile

    Name: Communa Inc.

    Founded on: November 29, 2011

    (Incorporated on February 19, 2016)

    CEO: Takaharu Saito

    Address: 6F, 1-12-2, Ichibancho, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0811 Japan

    Tel: +81-22-398-5395



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